Chow Down on New York City's Best Diner Food

May 30th, 2013 | To Eat | new york city, new york diners

Ellens Stardust Diner

New York City boasts some of the best fine dining restaurants in the world, but there are times when the thing one really craves the most is some good old fashioned comfort food, the kind served up at a really good diner. NYC boasts hundreds of diners as well, but these are some of the best of them, all of which are well worth a visit the next time you are in the Big Apple:

Ellen's Stardust

This may just be the best known New York diner, which is why the place is almost always packed. The big attraction for most of the tourists is the famous singing waitstaff and the stunning 1950's decor. However the food is pretty good too, even if, because of the diner's fame, it is a little pricier than most diners, even in Manhattan.

For big, big burger lovers we recommend the Mighty Mo, a basic but delicious offering of two juicy beef patties smothered in cheese and a tangy sauce that has been a diner secret since 1953.

Ellen's is also rather vegetarian friendly, something a little unusual for a diner anywhere. We can honestly say that the Jack LaLanne Veggie Burger is probably the very best non meat burger you will ever taste and is worth every single penny of its $16 pricetag.

Neptune, Astoria, Queens

Queens is probably the great Greek diner capital of the USA. Neptune however is the standout among all of them. The menu here is so large that it is practically a novella, but it really is the Greek dishes that are the ones to go for. The $10 gyro platter - beef, chicken or lamb, your choice - comes along with enough French fries and fixings to feed a small army and diners certainly get their money's worth.  And just a little tip, Tzatziki sauce + fries = the perfect combination.

Market, Hells Kitchen, NYC

Nestled in the heart of Hells Kitchen on 11th Avenue between 43rd St. and 44th St., this is a wonderful refuge for those looking for a late night meal that won't break the bank. As breakfast is an all day affair you really cannot go wrong with the feta and spinach laden fluffy Athenian Omelet, served up with a mountain of home fries even at 2am in the morning. For those looking for slightly healthier fare (even though healthy is not necessarily the point of great diner eating) the Mykonos Salad, a dinner salad brimming with salmon and shrimp, is big enough to feed two, making its $18.00 price a little more reasonable.

Square, Tribeca, New York

The Square Diner is about as traditional as it gets, a blue collar haven in the middle of a Tribeca that, in the 21st century, has become something of a haven for hipsters. Housed in a shiny chrome dining car everything about the Square is just a little bit retro, from the Art Deco/Fifties kitsch decor to the best in the city egg creams that the staff whip up. If you do not know what an egg cream is don't worry, just order when anyway, you'll be glad you did.

El Greco - Sheepshead Bay, NY

El Greco have mastered the art of the big New York diner, and have done so in high style. It is the perfect place to visit on a summer afternoon, as the outdoor deck overlooks the bay. The food is pretty much standard Greek diner fare, but there are also some great Russian dishes on the menu, and the fresh seafood is some of the best in the city.